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Google is working on synchronization wifi-passwords between Chromebooks

Google is working on synchronization wifi-passwords between Chromebooks

Google makes it easy to switch to a new Chromebook with various backup and sync options. It looks like there will soon be a possibility to synchronize wifi-passwords as well.

Google Chrome is already able to share a lot of data between logged in devices, including tabs, account passwords, browser extensions, addresses and payment information. A new flag in Chromium Gerrit indicates that synchronization will probably soon also extend to WiFi passwords, 9to5Google discovered.

This should further simplify the configuration of a new or reset Chromebook. Of course you still have to enter a wifi-password to get the Chromebook online and start the synchronization, but all known wifi-passwords will be transferred to the new device.

Although for the time being the synchronization is only intended for Chrome OS, it could also be extended to Android devices, one Googler remarked by the way.

There’s still a chance that the job won’t make it in the end. 9to5Google refers to an earlier attempt by Google in 2014 to add the synchronization of WiFi passwords to Chrome OS. This development was then halted for unknown reasons.

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