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Sharp and NEC join forces for 8K UHD displays with 5G

Sharp and NEC join forces for 8K UHD displays with 5G

The Japanese electronics group Sharp and the, once again Japanese, telecom network and other electronics supplier NEC have recently set up a joint venture. In the near future, this joint venture will focus on supplying Ultra HD displays with 5G connectivity.

Concretely, the now announced joint venture consists of the current NEC Display Solutions becoming part of the Sharp group as of 1 July this year. Within the joint venture, NEC will retain 34 percent of the shares in its display division and will transfer 66 percent to Sharp. The amount paid for this share transfer has not been disclosed.

8K UHD in combination with 5G

The joint venture will provide screens and displays with 8K UHD resolution with 5G connectivity for a variety of services. Think of screens, which can be used not only for visualisation applications, but also for digital signage, for example. They also want to provide added value services.

In addition, many end users are increasingly dependent on streaming services for their visual applications. With 5G, these services can deliver their content faster, without significant latency, with high capacity, and with a very high UHD-quality anywhere and anytime.


Both parties indicate that the joint venture was created because the services complement each other well. In addition, the cooperation should enable both companies to further expand their economic activities, grow as a result and increase sales. The current NEC display products will be produced by the joint venture under the same brand.