IBM and Vodafone join forces for cloud, 5G and AI

IBM and Vodafone join forces for cloud, 5G and AI

IBM and Vodafone have announced a new collaboration in the field of cloud, 5G, IoT and artificial intelligence (AI). That’s what TechCrunch reports.

The cooperation consists of two parts. Big Blue will first provide Vodafone Business with managed cloud and hosting services. In addition, the two companies will collaborate on the development of solutions within AI, cloud, 5G, IoT and software defined networking. These solutions are aimed at enterprise customers.

For the second part of the collaboration, employees of both companies will move to a separate office, which in principle is ‘neutral’ territory. For the first part, Vodafone pays $550 million to IBM in an eight-year agreement.

IBM already offers system integration services, but hasn’t been very active with business solutions specifically for mobile devices yet. Vodafone takes part in the developments of Big Blue and converts them into products for a wider audience of companies and other organisations. Some of them may already be customers of Vodafone.

“To deliver multi-client strategies in the real world, enterprises need to invest at many levels. The new partnership between Vodafone and IBM addresses the full stack of real-world multicold worries with a powerful combination of capabilities that should enable customers to deliver multicold strategies to all layers of their organizations,” said Carla Arend, senior program director for European software at IDC.


The cooperation is similar to the agreement that IBM and Apple drew up a few years ago. The two companies then said they were working together on the development of enterprise solutions. It would have been more difficult to develop these solutions independently.

That collaboration should feed the one between Big Blue and Vodafone. Various results from the collaboration with Apple will also have to find their way to those with Vodafone. This is logical, since Vodafone is a mobile provider and the iPhone is increasingly finding its way into the business market.

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