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‘Apple announces switch from Intel to ARM chips for Mac this month’

‘Apple announces switch from Intel to ARM chips for Mac this month’

Apple will announce at the WWDC 2020 conference that it will use its own ARM-based chips for future macOS systems, according to Bloomberg. . WWDC is held on June 22. There has been speculation for years when Apple shuts down the use of the Intel chips.

Next year, Apple would like to supply the first Mac systems with their own ARM chips. Apple would like to inform their customer base of the switch in chips during the online WWDC event on the 22nd of June. The early announcement should give developers time to prepare for the transition from Intel chips to ARM chips. Apple will not yet offer any hardware containing the ARM chips.

According to Bloomberg, it is still possible that the announcement might not happen, or that the date will be postponed as there are no plans to release ARM-based Mac systems in the coming months.

Switch to ARM

Bloomberg reported in April that Apple was planning to start the sale of ARM-based Macs next year and that the company was developing three different Mac processors. The first Apple processors would have eight powerful, and four energy-efficient cores. Apple wants to produce the chip at 5nm.

Apple has been developing its own ARM-based processors for iPhone and iPad for many years. These chips are energy-efficient and very powerful. The chips are also cheaper than the Intel chips the company uses currently for its Mac line. So making the switch doesn’t sound so crazy.

No more Intel

The switch from Intel to ARM has been in the works for years. A core part of Apple’s product design and marketing philosophy is the end-to-end integration of hardware, software and services. Intel’s switch to their own chips means Apple has more control over the entire Mac experience. The biggest issue is making all the applications work on ARM-based chips. Applications need to be adjusted or converted for use on ARM-systems.

This is not the first significant change in Apple’s Mac lineup either. The company switched from PowerPC-based CPUs to Intel in 2006.