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Dynabook introduces durable laptop for students

Dynabook introduces durable laptop for students

Dynabook has announced the Satellite Pro E10-S. It is a cheap and light laptop that can take a beating. Dynabook is focusing on wide rollout by schools with the laptop.

The Satellite Pro E10-s is built to survive use by a careless student. The casing has a rubber bumper and the frame is reinforced to withstand being dropped from a desk. The keys on the keyboard are mechanically anchored and tested for durability. The keyboard has also been made spill-proof. The charging port is extra reinforced as well, as is the hinge, which allows the laptop to be flipped open to 180 degrees. The laptop weighs 1.15kg and is just under 2cm thick.

Entry-level specifications

In terms of specifications, the laptop is less extraordinary. The Satellite Pro E10-S comes with a matte-finished 11.6″ HD screen and runs on a dual-core Celeron processor. It’s not an exceptionally fast processor by any means, but it does allow for passive cooling, leading to extra durability. Dynabook also mentions an SSD, as those are more durable than a hard disk. The company does not mention the size of the SSD or how much RAM the laptop has.

Furthermore, Dynabook provides the laptop with a battery that should last 10 hours, one USB-C port that can also handle power and display output, two USB-A ports, a network connection and an HDMI port. Naturally, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also present. Dynabook has also thought of video callers, with an HD webcam, noise-cancelling microphone and stereo speakers. The laptop can be optionally equipped with a fingerprint scanner.


The Dynabook Satellite Pro E10-S will be available from May 2021 for a suggested retail price of 399 euros.

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