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The WD Red Pro HDD with 24TB capacity is now available in Europe. Western Digital delivers this series with the promise of high performance and reliability.

SSDs are the go-to storage medium today. Nevertheless, there is still a place for hard drives as they support much larger capacities for now. The WD Red Pro series comes in various capacities between 2TB and 24TB.

Western Digital is targeting multimedia professionals, medium and large enterprises and business NAS applications.

Mechanical reliability

HDDs lose out to SSDs in terms of speed, but do not face the same near-hard limit on the number of reads/writes as applies to solid state. Western Digital also uses rotational vibration and multi-axis sensors to ensure reliability. Thus, durability is a strong point of these HDDs.

On top of that, each WD Red Pro includes NASware and ArmorCache technology, which optimizes the storage medium of NAS systems. ArmorCache a cache of NVM memory that increases HDD speed and enhances data security.

Once again, this shows that hard drives certainly still have useful applications. The gigantic storage capacity makes it suitable for a NAS where data volume is more important than top speed, while the reliability compared to SSDs is second to none.

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