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Samsung Electronics is all set to debut new foldable smartphones on the 11th of August amid rumors of a massive leak of design and color variants.

The date for the launch is no surprise, Samsung hosted an unpacked event around the same time last year when debuting its Fold 2 smartphone. This year, we are getting five new products, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The launch event is rumored to showcase multiple products/

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Reports claim that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will also be introduced. It includes a front-facing camera, a better-quality rear camera, and support for S Pen. It will be available in purple, black, gold and green colors. The difference between a fold and flip model is the fact that the Fold-model will fold a large screen, where the flip consists of two screens with a hinche in between.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

This is said to be the midrange version of the S21 released earlier this year and will be out in purple, black, olive green, and white color.

Two new Samsung Watches

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4

The most significant change with the Galaxy Watch 4 is that it features Google’s Android Wear OS instead of the Tizen operating system it had originally.

Galaxy Bud’s 2 wireless earbuds

They were shrouded in mystery until recently and developed under the codename “berry.” The rumor mill tells us that these Buds can connect with multiple devices at the same time. They may be available in 4 different color options and are expected to compete with the Apple Airpods 3 expected to launch the following year.

How will the Samsung launch be different this year?

The only thing missing from this launch event is any new update of the Galaxy Note. August 2020 saw the launch of Note 20, but unfortunately, we won’t know Samsung’s plans for its future. A few reports have mentioned that Samsung may not release a Galaxy Note this year at all due to some issues with chip supply. This might or might not be accurate, but the lack of any leaked data regarding the said information confirms that this might be the case.