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Respected mobile analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has shared some juicy details in a recent series of tweets. According to Kuo, Apple is bringing us a foldable iPad and an upgraded iPad Mini. They could be hitting the shelves as early as 2024!

So, what do we know about these possible devices? The foldable iPad will have a carbon fiber kickstand produced by Anjie Technology. If this kickstand will be built directly into the tablet or if it will be an added accessory is still undecided. However, Kuo’s prediction adds to previous reports from last year that the foldable iPad could feature a 20-inch display with half of it functioning as a virtual keyboard.

Samsung already made a big splash in the foldable market

Last August, Samsung introduced two devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, made with a material called Ultra-Thin Glass, which they claim is 45% stronger than their previous technology. The Korean company is no stranger to supplying displays for other devices, and Apple is reportedly one of its largest customers. It’s estimated that Apple has ordered 80 million displays from Samsung for their latest iPhone 14 lineup. It’s possible that a foldable iPad will also feature foldable displays from Samsung.

Recent reports have shown that Apple is also working on custom screens for some of its devices. Which are developed by other companies. The question is if those screens can compete with Samsung.

Could the foldable iPad be one of them?

We’ll have to wait and see. Before we get our hands on the foldable iPad, Apple has some other tablet news to share. An upgraded iPad Mini is in the works and could enter mass production early in 2024.

The next iPad Mini’s main selling point is a new system-on-chip, with reports suggesting it may feature a processor from the M chip series that powers Apple’s higher-end iPads and Mac computers.