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Apple is working on an external monitor with a dedicated A13 chip, this new solution will also include a Neural Engine, according to reports.

Apple is working to beef up its Pro Display XDR, according to an exclusive report published last week by 9to5Mac. Their reporting indicates that the new iteration of Apple’s standalone external display may include an internal system-on-a-chip, or SoC. The report says that “sources familiar with the matter” claim Apple is secretly testing an external display with a dedicated A13 chip and neural engine. Having a CPU/GPU built into the external display could help Macs deliver high-resolution graphics without using all the resources of the computer’s internal chip.

Adding an on-board chip to their XDR is a step change for Apple

The new display is being developed under the codename J327. But details about technical specifications are unclear at this point, the article states. The only thing they know is that the display will have an Apple-made SoC. That means that it must be the A13 Bionic chip. That is the chip currently in the iPhone 11 product series.

Along with the A13 chip, the external display features the Neural Engine. This, the report says, will accelerate machine learning tasks. It has been rumored that Apple has been working on a less expensive display for regular users. Those same rumors now say that the new external display with a dedicated SoC will likely be a new model to replace the current Pro Display XDR.

Apple could also combine the power of the display SoC with the Mac’s SoC to provide even more performance for running intensive graphic tasks. Another possibility is to use this SoC to add some smart features to the Pro Display XDR, such as AirPlay.

The 9to5Mac report ends on a cautious note. “Keep in mind that Apple’s plans may change, just as the first Pro Display XDR never had all the features it was rumored to have. Apple’s launch plans for this new external display are also unknown.”