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New cloud-based device management solutions boost IT productivity and the employee experience, the company says.

HP this week announced new solutions that simplify and automate device management tasks. The company claims this gives IT teams “more freedom to focus on what’s important for their business and their employees.”

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management is available now. HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager will be available in December, and HP Cloud Endpoint Manager will launch in January.

As a fully managed service, HP sAdaptive Endpoint Management helps IT managers send PCs directly to employees with zero-touch deployment. In less than an hour, employees can get to work quickly by simply unboxing their Windows PC and signing on with one-click, where their suite of applications automatically installs, making device setup fast and hassle-free – all without having to interact with IT.

The new solution also frees IT from day-to-day PC management. With the help of HP service experts, the service automatically provisions PCs with Microsoft Autopilot and enforces security policies from the cloud. HP service experts can also support traditionally challenging legacy applications via the cloud. This helps accelerate their modernization journey, HP says.

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management securely manages increasingly distributed PC environments, even with multiple operating systems and vendors.

Created with hybrid work in mind

Employee device management has become exponentially more difficult since remote work exploded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IT teams are constantly balancing priorities to meet the demands of changing work environments while boosting productivity and improving the employee experience.

HP says many organizations don’t have the resources to cover the increased challenges created by remote work situations. The time spent on managing devices and supporting users competes with delivering on strategic IT initiatives. HP claims its new solutions handle vital device management tasks thereby optimizing IT productivity and improving the employee experience.

Sumeer Chandra, HP’s Global Head and General Manager, Personal Systems Services, commented. The future of work is now. IT teams are the heroes of today’s new working environment empowering employees to work from anywhere,” said Inc. “HP’s new management solutions are automated and scalable for the evolving ways people work. HP Adaptive Endpoint Management is the gold standard for managing PCs in hybrid working environments, to help ensure devices are secure, up-to-date, and fully supported.”