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NinjaOne steps into Mobile Device Management

NinjaOne steps into Mobile Device Management

The NinjaOne platform goes beyond Unified Endpoint Management by fully supporting end-user, infrastructure and IoT device management.

NinjaOne already offered an endpoint management solution that unifies device visibility and control. It automates endpoint management tasks such as patching and configuration. In addition, the platform monitors for problems so that they can be resolved quickly.

Now, this platform is being expanded to include Mobile Device Management (MDM). This allows NinjaOne to provide more support for managing Android and Apple endpoints. NinjaOne sees a need for this partly due to the increased number of mobile devices within corporate environments. In presenting the solution, it refers to statistics showing that seven in 10 employees use four or more endpoints daily for their work. At the same time, unmanaged mobile devices increase the organization’s attack surface.

Schermafbeelding van NinjaOne-dashboard voor Dwinhub Technologies. Het toont een overzicht van de apparaatstatus, ticketstatus, lopende acties van apparaten en opties voor apparaatbeheer in de linkerzijbalk.

What does NinjaOne MDM do?

Companies can manage the aforementioned unmanaged devices through a platform that helps with configuration and security. NinjaOne MDM aims to support managed services providers (MSPs) and IT teams in automating, controlling, and implementing policies regarding mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices.

In particular, NinjaOne MDM features functionality for Android and Apple devices, allowing employees to choose their preferred platform. In this area, it is compatible with company phones and personal devices. With NinjaOne MDM, organizations can deploy applications to the devices, enforce policies for safer work, and provide support by sharing the mobile’s screen.

NinjaOne further cites additional benefits. For example, through the platform, MSPs and IT teams centralize management and visibility of all endpoints, from smartphones to servers. This leads to tool consolidation and improved efficiency, reducing complexity and costs.

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