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Samsung Display is delivering on its promise to increase OLED production. The company has started making laptop-sized 90Hz OLED panels en masse. They are slated to appear in upcoming 14-inch Asus laptops.

Asus Vice General Manager Y.C. Chen said in a statement that the demand for laptops is going up as working from home and remote education delivery becomes the norm.

OLED displays can meet various consumer needs as they pivot to using them for virtual meetings, streaming videos and games, school, and more. Samsung Display said the 90Hz OLED panels will cater to consumers looking for high-performance content display.

Inevitable shifts

Samsung Display added that with these OLEDs, it is pioneering and leading the market in display technologies that offer superior image quality.

The South Korean giant’s display division first announced that it would begin mass-producing OLED panels in January this year, but did not specify a list of partners.

The company said OLED panels can best satisfy the diverse need for laptops used in gaming, video streaming, online education, and telework.

This may be the first confirmation by the company about mass production plans but for anyone keeping a keen eye on the laptop market, it is not a surprising turn of events.

The future is OLED

In recent months, manufacturers like Asus and Lenovo have announced upcoming OLED laptop releases, varying in size and price, and many with a 90Hz option.

Samsung says the new panels will appear on an upcoming 14-inch Zenbook (we think it may be Asus Zenbook 14X) and 14-inch Vivobook Pro. The Zenbook 14X, announced by Asus on September 2nd, will be available as either a 4K OLED HDR display or a 2.8K OLED 90Hz display. The models will start at around 1200 euro’s.