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MacBook owners are angry and claim in two separate lawsuits that Apple’s latest laptops, with the M1 chips, have defective screens that break easily and tend to glitch. The complaints were filed on Wednesday in a Federal District Court in San Jose, California.

The suits seek class certification in the hopes that the law firms involved will get judicial approval to represent the presumed large group of affected customers. The plan is to share the settlement if they win. Each of the filings has a complaint about Apple’s 2020-2021 MacBook line.

Defective MacBooks

The MacBook line consists of the M1-based MacBook Air and M1-based 13” MacBook Pro, which the suits allege have screens that frequently fail. They say that Apple knew about the defect or should have known, based on its own internal testing, technician reports, and customer feedback.

The M1 MacBook is defective, the complaint says, as the screens are ‘extraordinarily fragile’ and prone to blacking out, cracking, or showing magenta, purple and blue lines and squares. Sometimes, they stop working altogether.

The complaint, on behalf of Nestor Almeida, says thousand of users from across the globe have reported the issues directly to Apple and on Apple-sponsored platforms.

The ‘Class Laptops’

The other lawsuit was filed on behalf of Daphne Pareas and Daniel Friend and makes similar allegations. It says that the laptops are designed and manufactured with an inherent defect that compromises the display screen.

During ordinary usage, the screens become hampered by black or gray bars and/or dead spots where no visual output is displayed. They are also vulnerable to cracks that obscure some parts of the display.

The appearance of black or gray bars on screen may ‘precede, accompany or follow’ cracks in the display panel.