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Nokia T20 tablet unveiled with promises of sustainability

Nokia T20 tablet unveiled with promises of sustainability

HMD Global is launching the Nokia T20. The 10.4″ tablet will be available in various European countries, releasing in a region-specific range from mid-October to December. According to the manufacturer, the model provides the “quality, reliability and durability that Nokia is known for.”

Statements like “which Nokia is known for” entail serious expectations, people may expect models like the Nokia 3310: a phone considered by many to be the most robust of all time. Whether the new Nokia T20 will join its predecessor and remain a topic of discussion twenty years from now? Perhaps, but probably not. The specifications are out — as for the rest, we will have to wait and see.

In Europe, two versions of the Nokia T20 will be made available from mid-October through December, for €219 (WiFi) and €249 (WiFi and LTE). In short: network options differ; other specifications are alike. Prices may (slightly) vary depending on your region.

The 10.4″ screen provides 2K resolution. The T20 runs on Android and comes with monthly security updates for three years.

Nokia emphasizes a focus on durability and longevity. The model is said to be able to withstand hefty bumps, lasting longer than similarly priced alternatives.

Under the hood

Working memory amounts to 4GB; storage amounts to 64GB. Both versions weigh just under half a kilo, which by no means sums up to the lightest tablet option of its kind. On the other hand, the T20 provides a reasonable battery life of 15 hours (with active Internet use), 7 hours (telephone meetings) and 10 hours (watching movies).

As mentioned earlier, the €249 variant adds a possibility of 4G connectivity, which favours use in the workplace. Two microphones serve to ensure adequate call quality.

We stress that all valuations of the T20 are speculative at the time of writing. Nokia has proven to be capable of producing robust models in the past. Only as of mid-October 2021 we will know if the Nokia T20 matches that expectation.

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