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Dell is launching a new version of its high-end desktop series XPS Desktop. Multiple versions of the updated design will become available sometime in the next few weeks.

The versions contain varying components. Intel CPUs (up to i9-12900K), Nvidia Geforce RTX GPUs (up to 3090) and AMD Radeon RX GPUs (up to 6900 XT) are some of the options. DDR5 working memory is available. According to Dell, the technology supports 50 percent faster processor speeds than DDR4. PCIe 5.0, a standard for speeding up data exchange between PC components, is included as well. Faster than PCIe 4.0, the version of the technology that is more commonly incorporated into modern desktops.


Dell states that cooling sets the desktop apart. The XPS Desktop’s cooling has been redesigned. Both air and liquid cooling are utilized to regulate the temperature of the model. According to Dell, the desktop runs at 21 percent lower temperatures, with more than 50 percent less noise than the previous release.

Lastly, the organization emphasizes a focus on customizability, underscored by a “toolless entry chassis,”. In short, the chassis can be opened to replace or clean parts without tools. While the addition is welcome, its practical value is limited. Most legacy desktops and components can be unscrewed with a single screwdriver. This screwdriver is no longer needed for the new XPS Desktop – and that’s all there’s to it.

Versions of the desktop will be available “later this fall”. Prices are unknown at this time.