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Poly launches a new series of desktop IP phones. The series consists of fixed desk phones that are relatively easy to deploy and tailored towards small businesses.

According to Poly, ease of use is central to the series. The phones are available in 2- and 4-line key models that support 8- and 16-line key assignments.


Functionality includes a one-button speed dial. The Poly Edge B10 and B20 models allow users to scroll through speed dials and select with a page key for quick access. The Poly Edge B30 version has four hard-line keys that provide access to sixteen additional key assignments.

In addition, all Poly Edge B phones feature Acoustic Fence technology for filtering out background noise during calls. Also, the Mute button automatically lights up when selected. All phones are compatible with headsets.


Installation of the IP phones is done via the Poly Device Management Service. This cloud-based service provides a central portal to phase, deploy and manage Poly Edge phones from a location of choice.

The Poly Voice Software Lite (PVOS Lite) enables VoIP providers to deploy the devices without physical intervention from technicians. The corporate Poly Edge B Series IP phones are available starting at €86.95 per handset.