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ASUS introduces mini PCs PN52 and PN64. The models are equipped with processors that rival modern desktops — without taking up the space typically necessitated.

The PN64 mini-pc includes a 12th Gen Intel CPU. ASUS has yet to disclose the processor’s exact model. Four display and five USB inputs provide above-average connectivity. DDR5-4800 RAM is supported but not included.

Details on supported SSDs and HDDs are unknown at this time. ASUS’ previous mini PC (PN62) supported a single HDD and SSD. Chances are the PN64 will offer the same.

The second introduction, PN52, includes an AMD Ryzen H CPU and integrated AMD Radeon GPU. Seven USB and two HDMI inputs allow for three displays. The PC supports one HDD and two SSDs. Support for DDR5-4800 RAM is plausible, but details are unknown.

Tip: A mini-PC at the home office, is that a good thing?

Cooling PN64 and PN52

Both processors are powerful for PCs of this size. If a manufacturer’s precautions are lacking, such power can lead to overheating. ASUS says that advanced fans cool both models sufficiently. That remains to be seen, as both pricing and availability are unknown at this time.

The value of the introductions cannot be indicated yet. If ASUS manages to deliver on the promise of two compact, well-ventilated PCs, we look forward to their release.