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VodafoneZiggo and Closing the Loop are starting a partnership to recycle 15,000 cell phones over the next two years.

Closing the Loop helps organizations recycle electronic waste. VodafoneZiggo is starting a partnership with Closing the Loop to recycle at least 15,000 mobile devices over the next two years. For every new phone that a VodafoneZiggo employee buys or leases, Closing the Loop will recycle a discarded phone. Closing the Loop locates discarded phones in scrapyards across Africa, among others.

Additionally, VodafoneZiggo launches a Trade-In Deal program to invite the return of an old phone when purchasing a new one. Closing the Loop takes care of recycling returned devices.

VodafoneZiggo hopes to achieve two goals by 2025. First, the organization’s environmental impact must be cut in half. In addition, products must be produced without waste (‘zero waste’). The collaboration with Closing the Loop contributes to the goals.


VodafoneZiggo’s employees’ usage of mobile phones will become circular over the next two years. Customers’ usage of mobile phones will largely remain the same. The collaboration with Closing the Loop is welcome but limited in scope.

VodafoneZiggo provides subscriptions with iPhones, Xiaomi, Samsung devices and many more. The sustainability of these phones is determined by the manufacturer’s policy. Though most manufacturers work with recycled materials where possible, they remain largely dependent on waste-prone manufacturing processes to deliver smartphones.

Some manufacturers are trying to break the status quo. Fairphone, an Amsterdam-based company, produces modular smartphones. This means that device parts are easy to replace and repair. Resultingly, modular smartphones are used much longer before being discarded into a scrap heap. As long as a device remains in use, a device doesn’t have to be recycled. Modularity greatly increases sustainability.

VodafoneZiggo and Fairphone started a partnership in 2019. Since then, Fairphone has been available in its offering.

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