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VodafoneZiggo has decided to go to court because of misleading advertisements from T-Mobile. T-Mobile states in advertisements and on social media that it hasn’t raised its prices for internet and tv, which VodafoneZiggo did. That reports Total TV.

VodafoneZiggo and KPN have announced in recent weeks that they will increase their Internet and TV subscription prices by an average of five percent. As a result, prices rise by an average of 2.50 euros per month. Part of this price increase is due to the price inflation correction, which this year amounts to 1.7 percent in the Netherlands.

Price increase T-Mobile

T-Mobile uses these price increases for its own communications in advertisements and on social media. In addition, the company says it will not increase its own prices. On Twitter, for example, the message is circulating: “Seriously, again?!…KPN is going to raise its prices for Internet and TV again. We at T-Mobile Home think this is bullshit. The message concludes with a call to switch.

Indeed, in the merger with Tele2, T-Mobile undertook not to raise the prices for fixed services in the coming years. In this way, it tried to favour the media authorities with regard to the takeover. However, an exception is made for the annual price inflation correction.

The price of the subscriptions for which TV and internet are provided has therefore been increased by T-Mobile this year. The website of the provider confirms that the fixed costs of a subscription increased by 1.7 percent in 2019. According to TotaalTV, this is a maximum price increase of 1.17 euros per month.


For VodafoneZiggo this was the reason to take T-Mobile to court. VodafoneZiggo argues that T-Mobile disseminated misleading and incomplete statements. The provider would try to switch Ziggo’s customers in this way. The case was brought before the relief judge in The Hague on Wednesday. It is unknown when a ruling will follow.

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