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Polish regulator UOKiK has accused T-Mobile Poland of misleading advertising related to free mobile data. The company risks a fine that could equal 10 percent of its annual revenue.

UOKiK said that one of the company’s slogans, “1200GB free for a year”, is misleading. Customers are granted 100GB internet packages every month for a total of twelve months if they renew the offer periodically for 35 zlotys (about €7.50). According to UOKiK, calling the offer “free for a year” is a stretch.

T-Mobile is willing to adjust

“After reading the advertisement, the consumer should have a general, but realistic idea of ​​the presented offer”, UOKiK head Tomasz Chrostny said in a statement, adding that T-Mobile’s promotional slogan “may suggest receiving a one-time data package of 1200GB, and not a dozen or so smaller packages, provided that the fee is paid periodically.”

T-Mobile’s Polish unit responded by stating that the promotion was well received by users. According to the organization, the model is typical for pay-as-you-go offers. “Nevertheless, if, in the opinion of UOKiK, the communication in the offer was not clear enough, we are ready to improve it to ensure the satisfaction of as many customers as possible”, the company said.

“In the coming days, we will provide UOKiK with materials related to the promotion of the offer and we will cooperate with the office to improve the communication of the offer to one that leaves no doubt as to its terms.”

UOKiK and Allegro

UOKiK recently fined marketplace Allegro about €45 million for violating market competition rules. The watchdog alleged that the company favoured its own platform at the expense of other traders with similar or competing products.

Antimonopoly sentiments have been growing worldwide. The European Union is a forerunner of market regulation, with laws like the GDPR and Digital Markets Act intended to curb the power of big tech companies.