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Eaton launches the 3S Mini UPS, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for small devices.

A UPS keeps devices running after power outages. Today, Eaton launched a silent model that powers small devices in the event of an outage.

Upon connection, IP cameras stay active for up to five hours, a set-top box for up to four hours and an Internet gateway (9 watts) for up to 80 minutes. Eaton supplies four DC connectors, making the UPS suitable for a broad range of small devices. The standard configuration of the 3S Mini UPS runs on 12V, just like most home electronics. The voltage is adjustable to 9V, 15V and 19V.

The higher the wattage of a device, the shorter the duration. Internet gateways of 15 watts can be maintained for up to 40 minutes.

Neutral design

The model is small and noiseless. Two cables are sufficient: one from the power supply to the UPS, and one from the UPS to the device that depends on emergency power. Its neutral appearance goes well with an office or home.

The Eaton 3S Mini UPS is a spin-off from the existing Eaton 3S Gen2 series, a range of UPS models with DIN inputs, higher voltages and larger batteries.