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Dell introduced a new portfolio for hybrid working. The portfolio includes new laptops and updates to Dell Optimizer, a software tool for accelerating PCs.

The Latitude laptop series is expanded with eleven new laptops and 2-in-1 models. The Latitude 7330 Ultralight (laptop) and Latitude 9430 (2-in-1) stand out. According to Dell, the 7330 and 9430 are the world’s smallest models in their respective classes. Both models are available starting in April.

Furthermore, Dell is expanding its Precision laptop series. The series is suitable for GPU intensive workloads. The Precision 5470, one of three new introductions, includes a 12th Gen Intel i9 CPU and an Nvidia RTX A1000 GPU. Storage capacity peaks at 4TB; memory at 64GB DDR5. The price tag is unknown.

Dell Optimizer

Every modern Dell PC supports Dell Optimizer. The software uses AI and ML to speed up a device. Some applications boot faster and battery consumption is optimized. The software was updated today. A new setting allows sensitive information to be removed from a device’s display when an unknown person uses the PC. In addition, display brightness automatically dims when a user looks away. The latter saves battery charge.

Moreover, starting today, Dell Optimizer allows devices to connect to a wireless and wired network (Ethernet) at the same time. Dell claims that two connections are faster than one.

Finally, Dell tinkered with Dell Optimizer’s noise-cancellation. The software has long been capable of reducing background noise during meetings. The latest update increases effectiveness.

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