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Logitech launches a brand new low-cost vertical mouse, Lift, which aims to minimize wrist pressure and improve ergonomics.

Today, Logitech has released Lift, an advanced wireless vertical low-cost mouse available in various colors for just $69.99. It is designed for both right- and left-handed people. It’s an innovative addition to its Ergo Series line, particularly for those with medium-sized hands. 

The Lift features a vertically oriented pattern that puts the user’s hand at a 57-degree, allowing comfort for long-time use. Contrary to a traditional mouse, using a mouse-like the Lift helps in reducing wrist strain while promoting a natural and comfortable forearm posture.

For those who wish to invest in an ergonomic mouse, Logitech’s the Lift isn’t quite as better as the costly $99.99 MX Vertical. However, the Lift could be a good starting choice if you are tight on budget.

Rather than USB-C charging, the Lift operates on a single AA battery that Logitech claims to be durable enough for up to two years rather than USB-C charging.

Simple design, comfortable grip

Ditching the elegant, complex design of MX Vertical, the Lift represents a simplified and playful design (available in graphite, silver, and pink). It has a rubber grip that smoothly snugs in your palm, giving you a firmer hold. The key functionalities are also present around the rubber grip.

The mouse contains two main buttons; scroll wheels for smooth scrolling, a DPI switching button, and two thumb buttons.

There’s a button at the bottom for toggling between one to three devices is present (which offers double pairing of Bluetooth).

Logitech’s unique software, Flow, is also supported by the Lift, which allows it to use multiple devices simultaneously. It’s even compatible on OS — all you need is the Logi Options Plus app downloaded on both devices, enabling the cursor to travel from one device to another.

The Lift has innovative yet simplified features

Logitech displays a new advanced Bolt USB receiver which allows quick connectivity to a PC with a USB-A port. Compared to the previous unifying receiver, the Lift boasts better security.