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Axis launches explosion-proof security camera

Axis launches explosion-proof security camera

Axis Communications announced its first explosion-proof surveillance camera. The Axis XPQ1785 Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera is suitable for hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

According to Axis, the design ensures that the explosion-protected housing never limits the camera’s capabilities including field of view, operating temperature range and connectivity options.

Multiple camera components were adapted for use in potentially explosive environments, including the integrated ARTPEC chip. The camera also offers pre-installed software for detecting smoke and fire in flammable environments. In addition, the camera features Axis functionality such as Zipstream and Lightfinder. Finally, the model is resistant to temperatures between -60°C and 60°C.

Axis XPQ1785

Furthermore, the Axis XPQ1785 camera has a resolution of 1080p HDTV and 32x optical zoom. The model operates on 100-240V AC and can be installed through RJ45 and SPF ports. The camera will become available sometime in the coming months.

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