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Sales of PCs and laptops continue to decline worldwide, according to researchers from IDC in a report on the third quarter of 2022. Contrary to the trend, Apple recorded sales growth in the latest quarter.

The global PC and laptop market has been struggling with declining sales for some time. IDC’s Q3 2022 quarterly report indicates that sales were down 15 percent from the same period in 2021. A similar decline was recorded in the second quarter of this year.


According to the researchers, the decline is due to a drop in demand and persistent supply chain issues. A total of 74.25 million PCs and laptops were sold worldwide last quarter, while 87.31 million units were sold in Q3 2021. Current quantities are about the same as before the pandemic. The researchers noted that, at the time, many businesses purchased devices to deal with the end-of-life status of Windows 7.

The average price for PCs and laptops is falling as well. The average price of a laptop was €938 euros ($910) in recent years due to businesses shifting to high-end models and rising manufacturing costs. Due to the recent drop in demand and orders, the average price has been falling. According to IDC, this is another sign of a weakening market.

Apple on the rise

Looking at the sales figures of various vendors, the researchers noted that Apple — number four in the market segment — managed to record growth in the third quarter of 2022 due to strong promotional campaigns. Compared to the same quarter in 2021, the tech giant recorded a sales increase of 40 percent. Over 10 million Macs and MacBooks were sold.

HP, number two in the market segment, saw the most significant drop in sales (28 percent). Market leader Lenovo faced a decline of 16 percent. Dell, number three in the market segment, tumbled as well (21 percent). ASUS, number five in the market segment, faced a decline of 8 percent.

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