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QNAP launched two new PCIe expansion units. The QM2 cards allow users to add M.2 NVMe SSD storage to their NAS or PC devices.

The QM2-2P-344A and QM2-2P-384A expand system performance, including storage capacity, bandwidth and throughput. SSDs are not included.


The cards feature M.2 SSD thermal sensors that enable real-time temperature monitoring. The cooling modules consist of a heat sink and smart fan that prevent SSDs from overheating.

SSDs inserted in the cards can be used for SSD caching for demanding IOPS applications or tiered storage in QNAP NAS environments.

Other specifications

Both the QM2-2P-344A and QM2-2P-384A feature two PCIe Gen 3 slots. The QM2-2P-344A has four lanes of 32 Gbps each while the QM2-2P-384A has four lanes of 64 Gbps each.

The cards support Windows and Linux. Both units can create NVMe SSD storage volumes for demanding applications such as video editing. The cards are now available through the QNAP Accessories Store.

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