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Dell is experimenting with Concept Luna, a repairable laptop that’s easy to disassemble and upgrade. The organization recently provided an update on the model, which debuted last year.

Dell presented reporters with an improved Concept Luna that accommodates more power while being much easier to disassemble. The company is also researching methods to automate the process on a large scale, from disassembling to part diagnostics. Dell’s Concept Luna laptop is around the size of a Latitude laptop with the aesthetic of the Dell XPS 13 Plus.

Concept Luna

The new version is easy to disassemble because it doesn’t have screws. 2021’s Concept Luna featured four. Dell’s representative simply inserted a pin (anything that fits will work) into a hole in the security lock slot on the system deck’s. This allowed the keyboard to slide up and out.

The fan, speakers, motherboard and batteries were quickly removed once the system opened up, owing to pop-out components that, according to Dell, are recyclable. The prototype laptop also does away with the battery cable, leaving it with no adhesives, cables or other connectors.

Framework laptop

Dell designed Concept Luna with easy screen replacements and maintenance in mind. Dell’s representative easily removed the machine’s LCD display by putting a pin into a keystone hole at the bottom of the screen.

If modular laptop components in an easily accessible chassis seem familiar, you may be thinking about Framework’s modular computers. These aren’t concepts. Framework manufacturers widely accessible, repairable laptops with interchangeable port bays, modular designs and thorough repair instructions that make the models surprisingly DIY-friendly.

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