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OpenInfra Foundation opens European hub in Belgium

OpenInfra Foundation opens European hub in Belgium

The Open Infrastructure Foundation is opening a regional hub in Europe. This will be located in Belgium.

The Open Infrastructure Foundation is on a mission to promote open source worldwide. It wants to achieve that goal by opening a central hub in Europe and Asia. The organization chooses to make the announcement during the OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver, where we are present.

Influencing European legislation from Belgium

The organization decides to locate the European center in Brussels. This center should specialize in the needs of European member companies of the OpenInfra Foundation. Since 38.8 percent of all members are European, there will be a great need for a local specialized center. This surely high number, for Asia the figure is 32.5 percent by comparison, it owes to the popularity of OpenStack.

European legislation is in fact quite different from American legislation if we think of the Cyber Resilience Act, for example. Around that legislation, the open source world is apparent: the law can have a crippling effect on the development of open source solutions. According to the OpenInfra Foundation, a European hub also provides greater leverage to help shape such legislation.

“Key regional issues have emerged, like digital sovereignty in the EU, that have created an opportunity for OpenInfra regional hubs to facilitate collaboration and discussion, coordinate responses, and give a voice to the concerns of the OpenInfra ecosystem,” said Mark Collier, COO of the Open Infrastructure Foundation.

The European and Asian hubs will be driven by their own advisory boards. They will function self-governing and independently decide which projects the hub will take on. Until this advisory board is formed, OpenStack staff in the regions will support the hub.