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AWS Migration Service updates make application migration simpler

AWS Migration Service updates make application migration simpler

AWS Migration Service has received three major upgrades. These should simplify and speed up the process of migrating applications to the public cloud environment.

The updates introduce the new Global View feature. This allows administrators to manage their migration projects for multiple accounts. The feature uses the AWS Organizations tool to create management accounts that in turn provide access to servers of multiple accounts and member accounts. These only have access to their own source servers.

Administrators can thus perform various tasks around migrations, such as launching tests and cutover instances for multiple accounts and monitor the progress of migrations on these multiple accounts.

Importing and exporting CSV files

The second major update concerns functionality for importing and exporting local disks. Inventory lists of source reserves can be transferred to the local disk from a CSV file. Conversely, the lists can be exported to a CSV file.

Post-launch actions

Furthermore, four new post-launch actions have now been added to AWS Migration Service. These actions are Configure Time Sync for setting up time for a Linux instance, Validate disk space for knowing how much disk space is available on the target server and Verify HTTP(S) response. The latter checks connectivity against a predefined list of URLs. Finally, the Enable Amazon Inspector enables security scans on EC2 resources.

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