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EnterpriseDB is making its Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA) management and automation tool open-source. This should enable users to set up and manage robust database clusters with additional control.

EnterpriseDB is now making the tool open-source, explaining it wants to make it easier for companies to set up and manage multi-cluster databases. By making the management and automation tool for PostgreSQL databases open-source, users can soon set up and manage robust database clusters more quickly and confidently. It also offers improved operational resiliency and fewer errors.

TPA functionality

TPA is a tool for automating the deployment and configuration of high-availability PostgreSQL clusters. The tool removes much of the complexity surrounding cluster deployment by automating the entire process from installation to further management.

In addition, TPA monitors cluster health for optimizing performance and reliably providing minimal downtime.

Furthermore, TPA provides setup, customization and oversight of many other free managed open-source tools and EnterpriseDB’s commercial products for PostgreSQL database clusters.

Vertrouwde berichten architect tpa open source van edb.

Other open-source components

TPA is not the first product to open-source EnterpriseDB. Previous contributions to the open-source community have included the CloudNativePG operator for Kubernetes and several components of PostgreSQL 15. EnterpriseDB will also open-source components for the latest version of the open-source cloud database, PostgreSQL 16.

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