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Docker has introduced two beta versions of its new tools Docker Build and Docker Debug. In addition, the security tool Docker Scout is now generally available and has gained several new features.

With the new tools that have been announced, Docker aims to help application developers even more in their pursuit of building container-based applications quickly. This can serve, for example, applications consisting of multiple containers.

Docker Build

A new tool that’s still in beta is Docker Build. This tool should simplify the build process. More specifically, it helps out in converting raw code files into a container image. Building such an image can often take a long time, sometimes requiring as much as an hour. With Docker Build, developers can speed up this task up to 39 times, the container specialist says.

Docker Build aids in this process acceleration by taking care of various computation that are normally handled by cloud-based servers. It can process the code files in question faster than a developer’s local machine. This includes making copies of the developed software components so that they can be reused at a later stage.

Docker Debug

The second new tool Docker introduced is Docker Debug. This application should aid developers in finding code problems in their software and help find a solution. The tool is a total solution that helps developers address these problems without using a separate tool for each programming language.

General availability Docker Scout

Finally, the security tool Docker Scout is now generally available, with some new features. With this tool, developers can now discover and fix vulnerabilities in their container applications faster.

Docker Scout automatically analyzes a container application and then also automatically lists the components that make up that application. The tool scans the various components for known security vulnerabilities.

Docker scout algemene beschikbaarheid.

If any vulnerabilities are found, the tool provides recommendations for fixing them. Moreover, in doing so, the tool indicates the impact each fix has on the application, so developers can always choose the best option.

Furthermore, Docket Scout integrates with tooling from other providers, such as with the platform of security specialist Sysdig. Docker Scout users can also deploy this platform to scan their container applications for vulnerabilities.

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