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AWS introduces preview of Amplify version 6

AWS introduces preview of Amplify version 6

AWS is updating the JavaScript library and tool Amplify to version 6. In addition, its AI code service Amazon CodeWhisperer is set to get new features soon.

Developers get a JavaScript libary and tool in a single solution for building applications with AWS Amplify. New functionality has been added in the newly released preview of version 6, focusing on the JavaScript library.


To this end, bundles are now reduced in size by ‘tree shaking’ or removing unused code. For this purpose, code is now imported on more detail, based more on functions than classes.

In addition, AWS Amplify gets more support for TypeScript in the latest version. Initially only for Auth, Analytics and Storage. Support will later be extended to GraphQL APIs and REST APIs.

Furthermore, the preview now includes support for the Next.js framework, including server-side rendering, middleware and server functionality. In the preview, however, only a subset of the APIs would still work on the server-side of a Next.js project. More categories and APIs will follow soon.

Also AWS CodeWhisperer

AWS, meanwhile, has also announced that code service CodeWhisperer will soon get new features. Among other things, it will become possible for companies to train AI models on their own private code while ensuring that this code remains truly private. This involves connecting from a source like Gitlab or Amazon S3 and allowing developers to create a job to make their own modifications.

This new feature is part of the previously announced update for an Enterprise tier in AWS CodeWhisperer. The features will become available sometime in the next few weeks, AWS indicates.

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