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SUSE enhances cloud-native portfolio with Rancher Prime 2.0 and Rancher 2.8

SUSE enhances cloud-native portfolio with Rancher Prime 2.0 and Rancher 2.8

SUSE announces several updates that lead to enhancements in its cloud-native portfolio. Namely, Rancher Prime 2.0 and Rancher 2.8 are becoming available.

Rancher Prime 2.0 benefits users for better deploying secure multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments at scale, according to SUSE. More specifically, the update provides better portfolio integration, new UI extensions and an AI assistant that can help users.

The second version of Rancher Prime further makes the Application Collection available. Users can browse it to search for developer and infrastructure applications. SUSE guarantees application security through its zero-trust principles and software supply chain security guarantees.

Finally, with the release of the latest version comes positive news for the availability of NeuVector and Rancher. NeuVector is expanding to the Azure Marketplace, while its availability on AWS was recently announced. Rancher will also come to both environments before the end of the year, according to the software developer.

Rancher 2.8

Users not using the Prime version of Rancher can take a look at Rancher 2.8, which hits general availability. The latest version offers support for Kubernetes 1.27, which allows users to scale workloads from containers better, get better security and enjoy improvements in the container runtime interface (CRI).

Other new features include a Public API, which allows users to extend their deployments with public custom resource definitions, and improvements to GitOps.

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