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NeuVector 5.0 and SUSE Rancher 2.6.5 are now available. SUSE unveiled the updates at KubeCon 2022, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation‘s annual conference.

SUSE develops popular Linux distros and container orchestration software. The latter category consists of three solutions: Harvester, SUSE Rancher and NeuVector. Harvester allows organizations to manage Kubernetes and virtual machines in a central environment. Rancher is a management layer for Kubernetes clusters. NeuVector secures the network and containers of container management platforms, including Rancher.

NeuVector was acquired by SUSE in 2021. In January 2022, SUSE donated the technology to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). With that, NeuVector became open source. 5.0 is the first major release since the move. Hence, SUSE unveiled the update at KubeCon 2022, the annual conference of the CNCF. Techzine is on location in Valencia, Spain. Check out this page for an overview of the most important news.

NeuVector 5.0

NeuVector 5.0 includes a number of new features. The Web Application Firewall helps with API security. Containers are automatically protected and a new tool helps review compliance. NeuVector 5.0 is included with Rancher and integrates into most major container management platforms, including Amazon EKS, Google GKE and Microsoft AKS.

Rancher 2.6.5

In addition to NeuVector 5.0, SUSE announced the availability of Rancher 2.6.5. As mentioned before Rancher is a management platform for Kubernetes. Rancher lets organizations deploy clusters in various clouds and manage from a central environment.

The latest update brings two improvements. First, NeuVector and Prometheus now integrate easily into Rancher. Second, Rancher now supports SUSE’s latest Kubernetes distro, RKE2. The distro allows organizations to deploy clusters without violating Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). FIPS are drawn up by NIST. The standards guarantee a degree of privacy and security. In addition, RKE2 introduces support for Windows, including Server 2022.