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SUSE’s acquisition of NeuVector aims to provide customers with more open-source functionality for complete end-to-end security for containers and the Kubernetes orchestration platform.

With the acquisition, SUSE is targeting expanded compliance and security functionality for container management platform Rancher. NeuVector offers complete security capabilities for the latter, specializing in container security. Said capabilities range from protection against vulnerabilities in the DevOps pipeline to automated security and compliance in the production phase of applications and workloads.

SUSE claims that NeuVector’s integration into SUSE Rancher gives the platform more of the necessary security functionality that end users need. In particular, end users who have full lifecycle security as the foundation of their cloud strategy.

Container security

Within SUSE Rancher, NeuVector’s technology should soon become the most prominent option for completely securing Kubernetes clusters, wherever they may be located. In doing so, the technology is supposed to be suitable for entire cloud-native ecosystems across varying (orchestration) platforms. All security delivered by NeuVector technology is to be based on best practices, advisories and reference architectures, ultimately aiming to drive adoption of the zero-trust security model.

Ongoing collaborations

NeuVector is no stranger to SUSE. Its technology is readily available through the Rancher catalogue. Soon, the technology will join Longhorn and Harvester in being available as an add-on for SUSE Rancher customers.

In addition to the integration of NeuVector, SUSE continues to collaborate with other partners in the field of container security. Aqua, Palo Alto Networks and Sysdig, to name a few. In turn, NeuVector continues to collaborate with other container orchestration platforms, such as Red Hat OpenShift, Mirantis and VMware Tanzu.

Image source: Dennis Diatel / Shutterstock.com