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SUSE introduced the Edge 2.0 management platform to help companies run containers on edge devices. The organization also announced updates for SLE Micro, container management platform Rancher and security solution NeuVector.

SUSE Edge 2.0 combines various container solutions for edge devices, including Linux-based operating system SLE Micro, container management platform Rancher and security solution Neuvector.

Instead of having to manage the operating system and orchestration platform separately, users can work in a central environment. This should benefit deployments of new edge devices and software updates. Users are supported with technical assistance from SUSE.

SLE Micro and Rancher

In addition to Edge 2.0, SUSE announced updates for SLE Micro, Rancher and NeuVector. Version 5.3 of SLE Micro introduces new security functionality, including a tool that helps users push security patches. Furthermore, Keylime — an open-source technology that detects attacks on Linux devices — is now supported.

High-availability functionality was added to guarantee that edge devices continue to operate when facing hardware issues. SUSE also integrated its Rancher container management platform with SLE Micro, allowing users to manage SLE Micro devices through Rancher.


Last but not least, container security solution NeuVector is getting an update. The solution now regulates access to Kubernetes workloads more efficiently. In addition, NeuVector will detect security issues in Cilium environments. Cilium is an open-source tool for managing network connections between containers.

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