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SUSE recently made available a first version of the Adaptable Linux Platform, a SUSE Enterprise Linux distribution. Version 0.0.1 should provide the initial impetus for further development of the enterprise open-source distribution.

With the introduction of the Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP), the Linux distributor wants to make its enterprise OS more suitable for modern cloud environments. Especially for the use of containers that support the operation of the business OS. The focus on containers should make the business OS distribution more resistant, easier to manage and adaptable to (cloud) environments and workloads.

First 0.0.1 prototype

SUSE launched the ALP initiative earlier this year and has now made a first trial version available, writes The Register. Version 0.0.1 or “Les Droites,” the first Alpine summit of more than 4,000 meters, is now available. In addition, the Linux distributor has published additional background information and a manual.

Two QCOW2 disk images for x86-64 processor-based machines are available. The first disk image is non-encrypted and the other has full disk encryption by default. The first image can be activated with an ordinary password when the server or vm starts up. The other works with the TPM chip present on a machine for this purpose. The new SUSE ALP operating system is very similar in presentation to the openSUSE MicroOS and SLE Micro versions.

Small but fine

Under the hood, SUSE ALP has a small size. The unencrypted image has a file size of just over 300 MB. It features an immutable read-only file system on Btrfs. This should protect against disk corruption in the event of a system crash or power failure.

The added functionality and packages for the enterprise open-source OS are stored in snapshots. If the system fails to boot correctly, it can recover itself by automatically rebooting into the most recent functional snapshot.


In the coming period, SUSE plans to release a new prototype release of ALP every three months. The final launch of SUSE ALP is expected to take place in the fall of 2023.

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