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Infoblox released version 8.6.2 of its Network Identity Operating System (NIOS). The version helps users modernize workstations and manage DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) in hybrid multi-cloud environments.

The new version introduces multi-cloud integrations, automation, DDI services and ready-to-use APIs.

NIOS v40x5 appliances now run on AWS, Azure and GCP. DDI updates provide customers with monitoring functionality, including multi-primary DNS failover for dynamic DNS updates (DDNS) and dynamic TLS monitoring for SAML port 8765.

Several new services support cloud migrations of virtual appliances to AWS and Azure. Furthermore, the BloxOne platform gains visibility by sending discovered data with Network Insight or NetMRI through the Infoblox Cloud Services Portal (CSP).


In addition, several DDI plugins provide greater visibility, automation and control for third-party solutions. These include Red Hat Ansible 1.2.1, Terraform 2.1, Kubernetes ExternalDNS, Nutanix 5.20.x, Redhat OpenStack IPAM and Cisco ISE 3.x identity management.

Infoblox NIOS 8.6.2 is available immediately.

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