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Infoblox has launched a hybrid security solution that uses DNS to detect and counter threats. The solution, BloxOne Threat Defense, comes with a scalable, hybrid architecture. Security solutions need to secure existing networks, as well as digital transformation technology such as the cloud, IoT and SDWAN.

According to Infoblox, DNS provides the ideal basis for security, because it is present in every network, is necessary for connectivity and can scale with the size of the Internet. With BloxOne Threat Defense, corporate networks must always be secure. In doing so, the solution uses a company’s existing infrastructure.

BloxOne Threat Defense makes it possible to easily monitor recurring DNS traffic in one central location, whether users are on-site or remote. This requires real-time threat detection and rapid response.

The solution uses threat information and analyses based on machine learning. It detects ransomware, phishing, malware, exploit kits, fast-flux attacks, and more. The hybrid approach also enables organizations to use the cloud to detect more threats, while also providing them with more insights and full integration with the local ecosystem.

ActiveTrust Suite

BloxOne Threat Defense is part of Infoblox’s ActiveTrust Suite. It helps customers reduce the overall cost of their threat protection. This is done by taking over the activity of static perimeter security such as Next Gen firewalls, IPS and web proxies. This is because unsafe traffic to the solutions is reduced by using existing DNS servers as a first line of security.

It is also necessary to reduce the response time by two-thirds in the event of an incident, as reactions to abnormal behaviour can be automated. It also blocks cyber threats and provides the right data to investigate the ecosystem more efficiently.

SOAR/SIEM networks can be strengthened by deploying DNS, DHCP, and IPAM data from such platforms to prioritize threats based on threat level and act accordingly. Finally, analysts need to become three times more productive, as the automated threat triangle, related threat insights, and location and cybercriminal information allow them to make faster and better decisions. It also reduces the number of human errors.

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