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Apple plans to release a GitHub Copilot alternative for developers this year. That assistant will help writing code.

That’s according to sources of Bloomberg. The tool should allow complete lines or blocks of code to be generated based on small commands entered by developers. Apple’s Xcode, which has been due for a major update for years, is free. The tech giant does charge a $9 fee for apps developed with it that are uploaded to the App Store.

According to Bloomberg, the tech giant is testing this AI tool internally and may integrate it into its Xcode software as early as this year. Initially, the tool would then become available to partners.

AI in other products

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Apple is also considering adding AI features to other products shortly, for example for automatically generating playlists in Apple Music or creating presentations in the Keynote app.

Apple would also likely be working on a new version of its Spotlight search tool. This would be able to look deeper into applications. Also, in all likelihood, iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will get AI functionality.

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