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Mozilla integrates HTTP Observatory test tool into MDN environment

Mozilla integrates HTTP Observatory test tool into MDN environment

Mozilla has now integrated its popular website testing tool HTTP Observatory into its Web developer platform, Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). According to the web giant, web developers can now better benefit from the combined functionality of both environments.

According to Mozilla, integrating HTTP Observatory into Mozilla MDN is a logical step. This is because the site testing tool and the MDN platform complement each other and are both used by web developers. Moreover, the platform hosts some additions to HTTP Observatory.

Testing tool for security features

Through HTTP Observatory, previously accessible via the unique URL observatory.mozilla.org, web developers can test site security features. These include using a secure flag for all cookies, redirecting visitors to more secure https URLs, and using Strict Transport Security (HSTS), X-Frame Options, and Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

The tool is immensely popular. Since its launch in 2016, it has been used 47 million times to scan 6.9 million websites for security measures.

Not sanctifying

Ultimately, by using the tool, web developers can more easily adopt and comply with security best practices. However, Mozilla does indicate that despite using the tool and getting a good score, it cannot guarantee that websites are truly secure. Administrators and creators remain primarily responsible for this, of course.

This is because HTTP Observatory does not test for outdated software or SQL injection, which are still the most common causes of website security problems.

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