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For a moment, it seemed that Microsoft wouldn’t stop using the traditional version of Skype for the time being. But now the company reports that Skype 7 (and older) will no longer be supported on desktops by November 1, 2018. As of November 15, 2018, support on mobile devices and tablets will stop.

Microsoft made that announcement earlier today. The company states that some of the most popular features have been brought to Skype 8 and that it is therefore ready to let people switch over completely. As of November, the support of Skype 7 Classic will stop. Although you can still use the older versions for a while, we encourage you to update today in order to be able to continue using the services undisturbed, the Skype team writes in a blog.

Switching to Skype 8

Last July, Microsoft announced that it intended to discontinue its Skype 7 support with effect from 1 September. Everyone should switch to the newer version of the software. But in August that decision was reversed. This was due to quite negative feedback from dissatisfied users.

Today, however, Microsoft states that the development of some of its much-needed features is continuing and that, for this reason, it is confident that switching is now possible. For example, there will be a recording function to Skype and it will soon be possible to search within Skype chats for certain terms. Users will soon be able to add phone numbers to existing contacts and have the option to add more stuff to their accounts.

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