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WordPress has launched the new version of WordPress 5.0. The content management system, with which more than 30 percent of the world’s websites are built, has, among other things, been given an improved editor. This should facilitate the insertion of media and the rearrangement of existing content.

For example, each piece of content would now be in its own block, allowing site owners to decide for themselves how they want to shape the content on their website. Each block has several options to achieve this, such as alineas, headings, quotes, images, galleries and videos.

Classic Editor

For those who are not yet ready for the new version or are experiencing problems with version 5.0, the Classic Editor plug-in can be used to restore the previous version. According to Venturebeat, WordPress has announced that it will support this plug-in until at least 2021. After activating the Classic Editor plug-in, you can also use plug-ins that belong to the old version.

WordPress even has a new standard theme dedicated to the new editor to show the possibilities. Twenty Nineteen, as the new theme is called, claims to use editor styles, so that users can immediately see on the website what they are creating in the content section.

Furthermore, the new editor, and therefore also the new standard theme, would have plenty of white spaces, modern sans-serif headlines combined with classic serif texts and system fonts to increase the loading speed.

Instantly change content

Working with blocks would provide users with a comfortable way to change content directly, without disrupting the content structure with inadvertent code editing. A wide range of APIs and interface components are said to provide an easy way to design blocks.

According to WordPress, all these innovations not only increase efficiency during the design phase, but also provide a more consistent, usable and accessible interface for all users. According to WordPress, the uniform block insertion flow makes it easier for users to find blocks for all types of content.

With the new version 5.0, developers will no longer have to worry about difficult APIs, but will be able to focus on translating their vision into their website.


The new version is also known as Bebo in honour of the Cuban jazz pianist, Bebo Valdés, who died in 2013. According to Venturebeat, WordPress is now working hard on the next version, 5.1, which should be launched in a few months.

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