Microsoft’s free open source programming language TypeScript is undergoing a transformation in the first half of 2019.

TypeScript is Microsoft’s implementation of JavaScript. According to SDTimes, Microsoft’s announced improvement is a response to the continued growth and development of JavaScript. Microsoft has published the roadmap on GitHub, containing a detailed overview of the planned changes.

Language Design

According to Microsoft, updating the language is a continuous and iterative process. Because JavaScript makes a quick improvement here, Microsoft cannot be left behind with its own solution. As more things are added to JavaScript, TypeScript says it has to work harder to keep up.

The software giant recognizes that its user group has grown with users using JavaScript in different ways and in different ecosystems. Whoever these users are, we believe that TypeScript can somehow serve them, according to Microsoft. The company intends to facilitate the transition to TypeScript for new users.


With proactive suggestions, declaration file fixes, refactoring and migration tools, Microsoft wants to improve TypeScript productivity. Initially, support for TSLint and ESLint was added, but architectural problems with TSLint meant that Microsoft only focused on ESLint.

In addition, improvements have been announced in terms of speed, scalability, stability and improving the user experience with the command line.

There will also be a new handbook with tailor-made introductions for developers from different backgrounds. This is to make the programming language more accessible. It also makes changes to the TypeScript Playground and changes the error and type display UX to make interactive diagnostics smarter.

Investing in the community

Microsoft claims that it continues to collect feedback from partner teams in order to gain insight into what needs to be improved. In addition, the company wants to promote community involvement by making it easier to contribute to documents and the possibility of making an open contribution to both the Playground and the website. In addition, the PR process is also automated.

Microsoft also announces that it will invest in public lectures, meet-ups and in-depth blog posts. The software giant wants to reach more people in this way. Microsoft: We want to encourage members of our team to be involved in the community and to write and talk about things they find interesting. This keeps us close to our users and makes the project itself more accessible.

Internal systems used by TypeScript engineers are also handled by Microsoft. The stability, productivity and contribution to the development of the TypeScript project are hereby improved. In addition, energy is put into better organizational guidance within the company to offer users of TypeScript better experiences.

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