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Kong, a company that provides solutions to manage APIs, has acquired Insomnia and has announced a new product with their technology. The company has also updated its core platform based on this technology.

Technically, Kong has acquired Floating Keyboard Software, but that company is active under the name Insomnia. Insomnia offers a popular open source API testing platform with the same name. This platform appears to be crucial in the acquisition, because Kong states that the main reason for the acquisition is the expansion of design and testing capabilities, writes Silicon Angle.

These possibilities are now being expanded with a new product called Kong Studio. Kong Studio is a set of tools based on Insomnia’s technology to build and maintain APIs for the REST and GraphQL communication protocols. These protocols are used for web services applications.

With the new product, application developers can customize spec files, generate mock endpoints with Mockbin and publish them directly to the Kong Gateway, Registry and Developer Portal. The open source version of Insomnia also continues to be supported.

Service Control Platform

Kong’s most important solution is its Service Control Platform. This platform enables end-to-end service lifecycle management to support customers in building and managing applications and services.

The Service Control Platform works by opening up services and legacy applications as APIs. Many processes are automated with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The APIs can be scaled up and secured with the platform as developers rebuild apps on a microservices-based architecture.

This platform has now been updated with the technology of Insomnia. The Enterprise 2020 release will have protocol support for REST, Kafka Streams, gRPC and GraphQL. In addition, there are new machine learning capabilities to detect anomalies and a visual service map via Kong Brain.


In addition, Kong has created a new tool called Kuma, which is open-source. Kuma is a universal control pane for Envoy service meshes. Service meshes are dedicated infrastructure layers, and are used to control service-to-service network communication.

However, developers have to do a lot of manual work to set up these service meshes. Kuma tackles these limitations by providing users with smooth management of every service on a specific network. It can run on any platform, so this includes bare metal, containers or VMs.