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Enterprise DevOps company CloudBees announced a release preview of its Jenkins X CI/CD solution on Google Cloud Platform at the Jenkins World/DevOps World Conference in Lisbon. General availability is planned for the first half of 2020.

The CloudBees open source Jenkins platform is a popular CI/CD tool used by software developers to test code for possible problems during writing and deployment. Jenkins X was launched in 2018, and is a more advanced version of the open source version of Jenkins. It supports CI/CD in Kubernetes software container tool.

According to Silicon Angle, CloudBees’ collaboration with Google is not very surprising, as the company has a good relationship with the tech giants for a long time. For example, CloudBees was the launch partner for Google’s serverless Cloud Run infrastructure platform. This platform was announced last month. There are also several CloudBees products available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Complete cloud-native experience

The intention is that CI/CD powered by Jenkins X will be a “full cloud-native experience (…) for the build-test-deploy lifecycle” for developers. In other words, this means that developers no longer have to spend time managing their infrastructure. In addition, new graphical user interface (GUI) for Jenkins X has been added. This allows developers to choose between using that interface or the older interface, which uses a command line interface (CLI).

“Our customers are increasingly looking to accelerate their application development lifecycle in modern hybrid environments,” Pali Bhat, vice president of product and design at Google Cloud, said. “CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X, is built with robust integrations into Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Therefore, customers will be able to leverage the offering with native Google Cloud service capabilities.”