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ServiceNow announces Visual Studio Code extension

ServiceNow announces Visual Studio Code extension

Developers who build apps for the ServiceNow platform no longer need to do so with ServiceNow’s own web-based editor. The company is reportedly introducing a Microsoft Visual Studio Code alternative.

ServiceNow is a cloud computing company that offers, among other things, a business platform for workflow-related apps. Developers can also build their own apps for the platform.

In the past, this was only possible with ServiceNow’s own Studio editor. Developers complained that this platform could be quite cumbersome and that many processes worked differently from other development platforms. Some important functions were missing.

Using familiar tools

ZDnet writes that ServiceNow now wants to give developers the opportunity to work with tools they already know, the company says. Therefore, it has developed a US Code extension.

This extension should allow developers to work on several projects simultaneously, including packages and plug-ins. Developers can also continue to work on their projects offline, instead of constantly connecting to the platform.

According to ServiceNow, its platform is used by “hundreds of thousands of developers”. A significant part of them would be happy with the more accessible editor. The company is also considering extensions for IntelliJ and Eclipse. Because ServiceNow works closely with Microsoft and uses Azure a lot, it has made VS Code a priority.

Software-as-a-Service company ServiceNow has been growing in recent years, but still lost 26.7 million dollars last year. the company is hoping for significant growth in revenue from its subscription services this year.