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Puppet launches version 2019.3 of Puppet Enterprise

Puppet launches version 2019.3 of Puppet Enterprise

Puppet has launched version 2019.3 of its Enterprise development platform. The new version has mainly been renewed in terms of convenience for new users, as features have been added that make the user experience more intuitive.

For admins it is now possible to customise puppet query language queries, and new users can choose from a selection of queries to make their running process easier. Furthermore, a number of ‘breadcrumb links’ have been added to console pages, allowing users to always know where they are in the interface.

For advanced users, who know what Plans do (a feature added to the platform in the previous release), documentation has now been added that tracks parameters, and the values needed to use them, in the Plan field.

Whole load of improvements

Another improvement that business customers can make good use of is the ability to execute tasks and plans anywhere in the UI. This improvement also makes it possible to execute the “run puppet” command. In previous releases, this was only an option via the CLI; fans of the graphical interface had to use the production environment to execute plans. This change should, for example, help to test certain changes without damaging anything that is already live.

Users can now continue testing connections for nodes and devices via the Inventory page before adding them to an Inventory. Java 8 has also been updated to 11. In addition, unintended agent upgrades at nodes using a combination of Puppet 5 or 6 with Bolt are prevented by a new mechanism. In addition, users of Puppet on Windows can now download a load of plugins from the master before the agent runs for the first time.