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IFS and Boomi create new integration opportunities

IFS and Boomi create new integration opportunities

IFS is letting Techzine know about a partnership with Dell Boomi. The integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) vendor now offers IFS customers more than 200 built-in connectors.

With the connectors, IFS customers should be able to build integrations faster. The SaaS vendor refers to access to a ‘digital switchboard’ for its users, on which, for example, the ERP solution can be connected to other functions and systems for HR and finance, among others.

Boomi takes away the complexity involved in this type of integration. Connecting IT solutions is normally a time-consuming task, as the APIs have to be figured out and then maintained. Connectors ensure that data is extracted from the applications relatively easily.

Open system

“By embracing switchboard thinking – where all mission-critical applications are connected through a single point of contact – organizations can accelerate supply chains, improve service response and compete better than ever,” said IFS Senior Vice President Sakari Jorma. He highlights the ability to link best-of-breed systems to IFS via the Boomi platform. In this way, the ERP vendor wants to demonstrate that it offers customers freedom of choice.

The collaboration seems to offer a good solution for both IT suppliers. Boomi, for example, also has an intensive collaboration with IFS-competitor NetSuite, while there are also many connectors available for SAP solutions on the iPaaS platform. Now, IFS customers can also count on a serious collaboration between IFS and Boomi.

The news follows IFS’ earlier announcement to promote open APIs. The SaaS vendor is a member of the OpenAPI initiative and has made more than 15,000 APIs available to users to demonstrate its intention.

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