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More security features in GitLab update 12.9

More security features in GitLab update 12.9

DevOps platform Gitlab released version 12.9 on Sunday, giving users more security features on the platform. For example, HashiCorp Vault can now be integrated. This makes it easier to manage keys and tokens. Developers who already use Hashicorp Vault can integrate it directly into GitLab.

In addition, the new update makes it easier to search for vulnerabilities. This should make it easier to find and resolve multiple vulnerabilities at once. Not only vulnerabilities, but also the recognition of inefficiencies in the workflow can now be better mapped with Value Stream Analytics.

No more fixed loops

In 12.9, GitLab releases the fixed phases in the DevOps loop. Developer teams can now determine what their loop looks like and adapt it to their own way of working. The different phases can be defined according to custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Finally, the update adds a Full Code Quality Report to the platform. In this report, all the problems of a project are clearly mapped out. This should enable managers to better maintain quality.